Senior Living Decision Process

Navigating the Decision-Making

Our residents agree that they wish they had made the move to senior living sooner — whether for the convenience of chef-prepared meals and maintenance-free living, the support of staff on-site 24 hours a day, or the social interaction provided in a community setting. Families appreciate knowing their loved one is experiencing the enhanced lifestyle they deserve.

Timing it Right

It is never too early to consider senior living. Moving sooner rather than later provides an opportunity to build friendships, explore new interests, and take full advantage of all of the benefits of senior living.

In both cooperative ownership and rental independent living communities, active seniors enjoy access to life-enhancing amenities without the worries of home maintenance and other chores.

When managing a home or daily personal care begins to become challenging, assisted living helps seniors maximize their independence while enriching each day with interesting things to do and friendly people to share them with.

Signs to Watch For

Families often wonder how they will know when it is time for their loved one to move to an assisted living or memory care community. If your loved one is having difficulty with self-care tasks, has a hard time getting around, is getting overwhelmed with bills and household chores, or has lost an interest in cooking and eating, it may be time to consider a more social, supportive environment.

Memory lapses can be a normal part of aging, but if you notice increasing confusion and distraction, be sure to consult your family physician. Specialized assisted living memory care neighborhoods can increase safety and quality of life.

Having the Conversation

While you may expect to encounter resistance when discussing senior living, for many seniors it is actually a relief to let go of the day-to-day worries about maintaining a home, finding transportation for shopping and errands, and preparing meals. Plus, living alone can be incredibly isolating, and in a senior living community there are always opportunities to visit with friends and neighbors.

Stay positive and listen to your loved one’s concerns. Share these concerns when you visit senior living communities. The senior living consultant you meet with will be able to address these concerns and show both you and your loved one how much living in a community will enhance daily living.

Finding the Right Community

Every senior living community has its own personality. To find the right fit, be sure to tour and talk with current residents and family members. Sample a meal or attend an event. Feel free to ask lots of questions. Once you find the right senior living community, you and your whole family will feel right at home.

You can learn more about senior living and explore valuable resources at Where You Live Matters, a website provided by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA).